Creamy Rice Pudding

I’ve been craving a decent rice pudding since I went vegan, so when I whipped out my slow cooker this week to make some easy meals I figured I should give one a go myself! I wasn’t disappointed, and it was so ridiculously easy too.

Time: 3 – 4 hours

Ingredients:  3-5 servings

  • 100g arborio rice
  • 50g caster sugar (extra if desired)
  • 400ml tin of coconut milk (full fat is best)
  • 400ml dairy free milk (I used soy milk, but oat milk would go lovely too)
  • Two caps vanilla essence (optional)


Grease the insert of your slow cooker if you’re worried it might stick and turn it up to high.

Add in all of the ingredients and stir well to incorperate them.

Check back on it after about 60-90 mins to check the consistency, adding more dairy free milk if needed.

Keep checking periodically and when the rice is cooked and the liquid is all soaked up, she’s ready!

Serve alone, or with toppings of your choice. A berry compote would be a great one, but I used Nature’s Charm coconut salted caramel sauce. Enjoy!

You can keep this in the fridge for a good three days, and you can enjoy it hot or cold. If you choose to heat it up just add in a splash of dairy free milk to help it stay nice and creamy.

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