Review: Cornish Pasty Shop, Brighton

I was wandering around North Laine looking for somewhere to grab some lunch. I definitely didn’t imagine myself sitting down at a Cornish pasty shop being faced with so many vegan options that it became hard to choose between them, but here I landed. I saw ‘vegan’ written in chalk on the sign outside and I was drawn right in.

The shop itself is small with only a few places to sit, but there is space to sit outside as well. It’s not suited for a big group, but if you want to grab a bite to go or somewhere to sit and watch the word go by then it’s really ideal.

As soon as I walked through the door I was greeted by two smiley young women and they showed me all of the vegan options they had to offer. There were a number of pasties and most of their many dessert options were vegan friendly too. All of their food looked REALLY good so I’m really hoping that I get the opportunity to visit again soon!

Thai vegetable pasty


On their menu, the Thai vegetable pasty is described as ‘mixed vegetables and pulses in coconut milk, with lemon grass in a spicy Thai curry sauce’. There was a lovely kick of heat to it and was full of flavour. It cost me £4.60 which I did think was a bit steep at first, but it really was worth it. It was perfectly filling and if you have a stricter budget they sell them 2 for 1 towards the end of the day to help reduce their food waste. It’s a win win!

Peanut butter chocolate caramel tart


This is the most intensely rich and decadent tart I’ve ever tasted – it was amazing. The top two layers were perfectly smooth and the peanut butter was densely packed with crunchy goodness. The chocolate biscuit crust was the perfect texture – it crumbled and melted in the mouth but still held shape as it was cut. It wasn’t a huge slice but I found it really filling. I struggled to finish this after the pasty, probably down to how dense and rich it is. It really was beautiful though and I thouroughly recommend trying it!

Butterscotch cookie


I took this little beauty home with me to eat as a snack. It was wonderfully soft and chewy and the butterscotch topping was rich and flavourful. It was a really satisfying afternoon pick me up for a busy day and it survived a long journey home in a shopping bag too!

Double chocolate cheesecake


Where do I even start with this? This slice of cheesecake was not only one of the best vegan desserts I’ve found, but is one of the best desserts I’ve tried EVER. The layers of chocolate, the top richer than the bottom, were both identically smooth and creamy. It was quite a big slice and nice and deep as you can see, but it wasn’t sickly in the slightest. The filling was actually incredibly light and the base buttery and crumbly.

Cornish Pasty Shop on Gardener Street in Brighton, in short, is the perfect place to grab a bite to eat whether you’re on the move, exploring Brighton, vegan or otherwise. I totally recommend this gem to everyone. Let me know if you try it out!

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